Baffled by Life

Welcome to Baffled by Life, a blog exploring the perplexities of everyday situations. If it's your first time here let's get to know each other by utilizing the common formality of introducing ourselves.

Baffling Moment of the Day

Parents will never do something you recommend, but when a person unrelated to them recommends something they are all over it. While I was living on my own I opted for sea salt instead of iodized salt and told my mom it had extra benefits and was better for you then iodized salt. The issue is not which is better, but when I recommended it to her she brushed me off. However, when a friend came over and said he only uses sea salt and told her it had the same benefits I told her about she is now absolutely convinced that she should use sea salt as well. You would think that I, her daughter of 24 plus years would have earned some credibility points up until now and she would have at least thought about my suggestion. Why are we quicker to to listen to other people then our own family?

What’s your baffling moment of the day?


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