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Poem: Stray

Don’t know where I belong,

I feel like a character that’s out of place,

I’m trying to find a role to play,

I hope I’ll find it along the way.

So far nothing has developed,

my search has engulfed me, but no one left a trace,

no road to follow, no one to guide me,

I’m in disarray.

It seems like everyone knows the way,

as if a conspiracy against me,

what’s the answer? No one will say.

I didn’t ask to be here, not even on a good day.

In my loneliness I cry and yearn for someone to come my way,

I go from place to place, hoping to find the one that will cure this endless race,

nothing but dead ends and people that won’t give me the time of day.

I’m like a wounded stray,

I lay on the path, hoping someone will see,

passed by too often I hideaway,

hiding my pain and misery, my disappointment in life today.

Placed here to navigate unfamiliar terrain,

unprepared and hopeless, what a price to pay!

Didn’t ask for this, what do I do?

I gotta choose, not knowing the way, no light to guide, I scramble to illuminate my way,

it’s enough just to get me through, never knowing what’s lurking just steps away,

The light flickers enough to light the path, with a breeze it vanishes,

I’m eft again in dismay, I’m tired of trying to find my way.

I squeeze by and hope no one will say, “this place ain’t for you, get out of the way!”

I’m paralyzed by fear and uncertainty, but then I realize there’s a reality that I didn’t see,

the characters are you and me, that was my lesson along the way,

the part for the role was already cast, the perfect person, the ideal portrayal, no one else could grasp,

no supporting actor needed, the role is mine to play.


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