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Poem: Losing My Religion

I’m facing a dillema,

all that I’ve been told,

all that I’ve known,

I no longer hold,

all the claims of truth,

are just speculation,

for a universe so vast,

our understanding is a mere interpretation,

for an ocean of knowledge,

we discovered a drop,

my mind is racing,

I want it to stop,

I’m trying to make sense of life,

but it’s too complex to grasp,

yet so simple it’s beyond my mind to clasp,

to understand the purpose and the way,

leads me to ask are we meant to understand or are we merely rats in a maze?

Is it possible to know? I don’t know, that’s the only thing that’s true

to claim otherwise makes me a phony,

but in this world not knowing is blasphemy,

in a world put on trial by PhDs, experts, and Gs,

I don’t know is not a possibility,

so we act like we do,

ignoring our ignorance,

jeopardizing our lives and those around us, the world as a whole and much more,

but maybe we need an honest I don’t know with humanity,

maybe that’s the key to save us from our stupidity.


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